BMI is an established firm in property investment, specializing in the acquisition and disposal of investment properties and funding developments throughout UK, Dubai & India.


Our commitment to sustainable, environmentally-friendly development.

At Blue Moon International we are committed to improve energy efficiency and sustainable development. We ensure that our suppliers provide us with sustainable materials in order to reduce harm the environment.

During our design's pre-construction phase, we incorporate energy-reducing measures. These include the setting of U values, ventilation plants, CHP, harvested water and grassed roofs, amongst others. With the above measures in place, Blue Moon International is able to boast that our buildings not only protect the environment, but also improve the working and living conditions for others and ourselves.

We constantly monitor our buildings ensuring that we recycle and renew energy resources to reduce our carbon emissions. With our future, our environment and our world in mind, we vow to continue to evolver and develop enhanced approaches to energy efficiency and sustainable development.